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Tips To Get Rid Of Back Acne To Flaunt Backless Dresses

 Always dreamt of flaunting that sexy back on your wedding day? Well, the charm of backless blousesis undeniable. And, so if you are planning to slay them on your big day, make sure you have acne-free back to have some stunning wedding photographs. Wondering how to get rid of those dreadful acne marks or back acne? Fret not, ShaadiWish has got you covered. 

Unlike pimples, acne is generally pores clogged by bacterias and sweat. It can happen to anyone at any age and is a very common skin problem. Various factors contribute to bacne like genes, hormonal imbalance, sweat, pollution and stress. But the good news is that you can totally get rid of back acne just by making a few changes in your lifestyle and swearing by ShaadiWish approved home remedies. 

H2: C’mon let’s explore the most impeccable and easy peasy tips to get rid of back acne and turn the heads around in dazzling backless dresses :

1.Indulge In Healthy Eating Habits 


Indulging in unhealthy eating habits are the major causes of back acne. Replace fast food items with fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and healthy diet plans to flaunt backless outfits like a pro.

2.Don’t Skip Shower After A Workout Session. 

Sweat and dirt accumulation contribute to the back acne and a good shower will surely keep the sweaty backs at bay.

3.The Tea Tree Oil To Your Rescue 

Tea tree oil does wonders on acne prone skin due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. For best results, use it consistently for over 2 weeks.

4.Exfoliating Scrubs: A Boon For Your Backs 

The process of the exfoliation removes extra dirt and oils from your skin while reducing the dead skin cells on your back. Needless to say, the beautiful impact of gentle exfoliating scrub with ingredients such as salicylic acid will surely be evident on your wedding day.

5.Opt For Loose Fitted Clothes 

The flow of air is maintained in the flowing dresses and loose fitted outfits which eventually make the back acne a thing of the past. So, try not to wear tight clothes and let your backs breathe.

6.Be Really Gentle With Your Skin 

The dream of slaying backless blouses can only be made possible when you will treat your back in the most gentle way possible with subtle touches. Don’t scrub harshly including pricking your painful acne blisters.

7.Don’t underestimate The Power of Sunscreens 

The rays of the sun are extremely harmful for the skin and especially the sensitive skin of our backs. Look out for sunscreens that are oil free and do not clog the pores for the better backs.

8.Consult A Certified Dermatologist For Expert Advice 

If nothing seems to work we strongly recommend you to seek expert guidance from a certified dermatologist. A skin specialist is the right person to evaluate the condition of your bacne and prescribe the needful medication.

9.Green Tea For The Win-Win! 

Being the highest in antioxidants and antibacterial properties, Green tea is your saviour if back acne is what troubles you.

10.Aloe Vera Gel 

Apart from killing the bacteria that causes acne, Aloe Vera gel also helps reduce the redness associated with acne. 

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