Why do I have acne if I am older?

Despite hormonal and genetic factors, stress, smoking, and using oily makeup can aggravate it in adults.

More than 20% of women between 20 and 50 years old have acne, a pathology that experiences a flare-up and a worsening of injuries after the summer. There are women who already lived it in adolescence and others who see it emerge for the first time. “In adult women, it usually appears in the area around the mouth, chin and neck . The pimples are large, red, with suppuration, late healing and with a tendency to leave scars,” says Dr. Miguel Sánchez Viera, director of the Institute of Integral Dermatology. Although the cause of adult acne is not completely known, there is a hormonal factor “that is aggravated in times of stress, menstrual period, the use of make-up or fatty creams and tobacco,” he adds.
What to do?In addition to putting yourself in the hands of a dermatologist and parking those bad habits, stay away from the sun and wash your face well: use warm water and a mild facial soap; do not rub it, better make smooth circular movements; rinse it well and dry it with an always clean towel because the bacteria remain. Scars can be removed by laser and the condition can be treated with microinjections with drugs.

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