The 8 benefits of fitboxing that hook us all

This new form of HIIT combines boxing, fitness and fun, without having to finish the training full of bruises. Fitboxing has it all!


It may seem to you at first glance to be a hard, aggressive sport that does not go much with you, or you may think that it is only suitable for those who have a good physical preparation. However, the truth is that fitboxing is designed precisely so that any of us can practice it, regardless of age, sex or even, depending on the level of severity, certain pathologies or injuries. In fact, it is a training designed to suit the person and not the other way around, and its intensity level can be easily adjusted to the limitations of each person. In addition, it also allows us to adjust the intensity of our movements , so it can be considered a very flexible sports discipline.

Despite the fact that it is not required to have a specific physical condition or previous experience to practice it, it is true that fitboxing requires an initial learning and adaptation process to acquire certain basic techniques of movements and hitting combinations, which will help us to workouts are more fluid. These combinations are taught during the first sessions and, although at first they may be rare and difficult, in just 3 days it is possible to learn the structure of the sessions , which are usually repeated for about two weeks.

The only thing you need to become addicted to this fun and effective training are boxing gloves, bandages and a lot of desire to have fun . Its fun formula consists of coordinating blows to the bag to the rhythm of the music for about 50 minutes in series of intervals, making it also a fantastic form of HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ) training. Born in 2014 under the Brooklyn Fitboxing franchise, this discipline has quickly emerged in the world of fitness as it eliminates physical contact. As Jesús Blanco, Brooklyn Fitboxing Master Trainer explains, “There are still prejudices about the disciplines with impact, because they are thought to be men’s practices”. However, and nothing further from the truth, fitboxing is a sport practiced mostly by women.

70% female audience

In 2013, the Spanish Pablo Nebrera, who practiced boxing regularly, realized the great potential of this contact sport , and decided to create a new version that suppresses physical contact , adds music and a much more playful factor . This has led many women who could be intimidated by the idea of ​​injury as a result of contact to jump into trying this new side of boxing.

To this we must add the effectiveness of training and the fact that the whole body works . Boxing is a type of high intensity physical exercise that defines and tones, a goal that many of us pursue. Fitboxing classes, in addition, include movements that are not part of traditional boxing, such as leg work, abdomen, buttocks , etc.

How many calories can be burned in one session?

Fitboxing sessions usually last about 47 minutes and are specially designed to activate metabolism. In this way, up to a thousand calories can be burned per session and, as it is an interval exercise , our body continues to burn up to 48 hours after having made a class thanks to the well-known afterburn effect of high intensity interval training.

Release tension and stress

The practice of boxing helps you to eliminate the tensions accumulated during the day. Thanks to its aerobic component, it is a type of training that helps release endorphins , which causes a sense of well-being and happiness in the body.

Improve your physical endurance

The high intensity exercises that are practiced in the fitboxing sessions improve our aerobic capacity and our circulation . In addition, we also work on our anaerobic capacity , since most movements are performed at high speed.

Improve your cardiovascular health

The rounds of between 1 and 3 minutes in which the intervals are structured help us to improve our cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases, since it causes an increase in blood circulation at a general level, which in turn improves the respiratory system and reduces blood pressure.

Define and tone your muscles

It is a type of training that works all muscle groups, and also helps improve muscle flexibility thanks to rapid movements and changes in rhythm.

Define and tone your muscles

It is a type of training that works all muscle groups, and also helps improve muscle flexibility thanks to rapid movements and changes in rhythm.

Improve your self-esteem

Practicing sports in general always helps to improve our self-esteem, especially if it is a type of contact sport. Learning to hit (even if it’s just the sack) helps us feel more capable of defending ourselves against a possible attack and to be more aware of all our physical potential that perhaps we did not know.

Improve your coordination and stability

Besides burning calories, sport core muscles are constantly working ( core ) to maintain balance. Rapid rotational movements help de

Increase your reflexes

Even if you don’t have an opponent in front of you, boxing movements require great mental speed , which helps us to increase our reflexes, something that can serve us not only in fitboxing training, but also in our day to day.

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