How to protect your hair from the sun

In reasonable doses, the sun is excellent for all hair types, but overexposure can also have harmful effects. How can we protect it? Find out what is good and what is not for your mane.


In reasonable doses, the sun is excellent for all hair types . Makes hair grow faster and stronger. In addition, it helps calcium fix through vitamin D and activates the circulation of the scalp. Conversely, overexposure has harmful effects on hair: they change color and texture. In the first case, unlike the skin, ultraviolet rays destroy the pigments, the melanin in the hair, leaving it much lighter, more matte and dull.

In terms of texture, UV rays also damage keratin, hair loses moisture more quickly and becomes more brittle, coarse and brittle. Therefore, like skin, hair needs good UV protection and deserves all our care, especially when we subject it to strong sun exposures.

To maintain shiny hair in summer, just follow some basic tips:

    • Protect your hair from UV rays by applying anti-UV hair protectors before leaving the house .
    • Ideally, avoid the most intense sun exposures , which occur between 12:00 and 16:00. In any case, hats, caps or foulards provide us with the best protection.
  • To prevent color fading, whether natural or tinted, a good protector with built-in UV filter will be key to maintaining good tone. These shampoos, conditioners, and masks contain protein and vitamins that bring bright colors back to hair. If you have it tinted, it is convenient to lower the color tone a little since everything that summer entails (swimming pools, sea, sun) will make it clear by itself.
  • For dryness, apply a special shampoo to nourish the hair . Apply an aftersun moisturizing balm to restructure your hair and restore smoothness. Conditioners act as a protection barrier for hair , you can choose natural oils such as olive, coconut, jojoba, sunflower or safflower. The repair masks become essentials of the summer, apply them once a week.
  •  Apply tip repair treatments , as the tips of the hair are slightly affected after sun exposure. After long sun exposures it is a good idea to cut the ends of the hair to clean it and give it more body.
  • Reduce the use of the dryer , always keep it at a certain distance from the hair, use cold air.
  • Eat foods that contain lots of vitamin C and E as well as beta-carotenes . Fruits and vegetables such as avocado, berries, broccoli, grape, and spinach are particularly rich in antioxidants and are excellent natural protection.

We leave you a list of 10 products that can help you take care of your hair  at this time of year. 

Kérastase Complete Correction Cream

The CC Crème de Kérastase is a complete correction cream formulated to protect hair from the sun and UV rays. It stands out for being a triple action product : it protects, repairs and beautifies hair damaged by sun exposure. In addition, it is a moisturizing cream that provides a radiant shine to the hair .

A small amount should be applied to dry hair with your hands, either before or after exposing ourselves to the sun, massaging lengths and ends. It is important to wait a few minutes to let it act.

 Contains linseed oil to protect hair color, safflower oil to give elasticity and offer natural protection, ceramides to strengthen the structure, antioxidants against oxidative stress, and UV filters to reduce the risk of photo degradation.

Lancaster multi protector spay

The Beauty Hair Multi-Protective Hair Spray Lancaster helps care for damaged hair by the sun, salt and chlorine. It is a spray characterized by being multi-protective and protecting our mane from UV rays.

The product is applied to damp and previously detangled hair, before sunbathing. It is important to apply it well on the tips and it is recommended to spray the product during the time of sun exposure.

Aveda after sun mask

The  mask after-sun Aveda Sun Care  is an  intensive cream that moisturizes the hair deeply  to repair and restore its appearance, after sun exposure. In addition, it is ideal  for all types of hair .

Its formula is composed of morikue protein, tamanu oil, and organic certified coconut oil. And it offers an incredible and pure aroma that delights us with orange blossom jasmine, ylang ylang, cistus, and other flower essences.

Schwarzkopf Aftersun BC Nourishing Shampoo

The after-sun nourishing shampoo BC Sun Protect , purifies and restores vitality to the hair , after sun exposure and the corrosion of chlorine residues, salt and sand. It ends with dull and dehydrated hair and, in addition, by means of a soft formula that does not harm or attack the hair.

It rebalances the hydration level of the hair, nourishes and fortifies it, while helping to prevent color loss. Contains buriti oil and seaweed extract.

Garnier’s Treasures of Honey restorative serum

Garnier’s Original Remedies Honey Treasures Serum is a restorative product that repairs, protects and strengthens hair damaged by sun exposure.

It contains three very powerful ingredients: royal jelly extract, honey and propolis extract . In addition, it ends with brittle hair, restores shine to your hair and brings a lot of naturalness.

Davines Vegetarian Miracle Nourishing Conditioner

The Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner Davines is a moisturizing conditioner for dry hair and defibrated because of solar aggression. It provides softness and luminosity , restructures the hair and facilitates styling.

Once the hair is washed, you have to apply the conditioner in the middle and ends, and leave it to act for 10 minutes. For best results, it can be combed before rinsing with plenty of water.

It is formulated with natural active ingredients and with properties that offer a strong repairing, antioxidant, restructuring and conditioning action , such as Asai’s antioxidant oil and rice oil.

Apivita Natural Oil

The sun hair oil protector of suncare Apivita  is composed of 97% natural ingredients . It serves to hydrate and nourish hair in the sun, and to protect its color and shine.

It is composed of organic olive oil, abyssinian, grape, jojoba, and carrot extract oils. Returns the vitality to the hair and, in addition, offers a very pleasant summer aroma.

Nuxe Moisturizing Protective Milk

The milk Protective Moisture hair Nuxe has a multi-protective function that prevents damage caused by UV rays, salt and chlorine. Protects hair and scalp, while repairing and sublimating the hair fiber . Also, it ensures that you do not lose the color of your hair and is perfect for all types of hair.

For a better application, it is better to spray the product about 20 cm from the hair, dry or wet, before and during sun exposure . As for its formula, it does not contain parabens.

Kiehl’s Repair Oil

The mask Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Kiehl’s Hair Pak is a special formula for hair malnourished and damaged by solar aggression. It eliminates dehydration and helps prevent damage caused by environmental stress and external aggressions .

It is a very nourishing treatment that strengthens dry hair , restores its shine and gives it a healthy appearance . It is essential to let it act on the hair, between three and five minutes.

It is formulated to end weakened hair , thanks to its composition of avocado oil, lemon extract and olive oil; active ingredients with a strong moisturizing and refreshing action.

Korres Red Vine Nourishing Spray

Korres Red Vine Sun Protection Hair Spray protects hair from sun exposure and photo-oxidation . It has great nutritional power and offers long-lasting hydration . It also maintains hair color and vitality.

The product should be sprayed on damp hair before styling and, after application, it does not need to be rinsed with water . Regarding its formula, it incorporates: active aloe, to protect the hair and its structure; provitamin B5, for intense hydration; and natural UV filters.

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