Skin care tips when using a mask

Who would have guessed in January that face masks would be the new must-have fashion accessory? This trend began when the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, but now that health authorities are recommending everyone to use them, we are accepting the fact that they have become part of our routines. 

Wearing a mask is not very comfortable. The cover makes it difficult to breathe, fogging up glasses and staining makeup. The constant contact of the fabric on your face is also annoying, making your face itchy and uncomfortable.

Therefore, we suggest some tips to protect the skin from facial masks .



Facial masks can get dirty and will get dirty easily and it is very important to clean them as you are breathing through them. The face mask should be washed according to the frequency of use; For example, if you go out once a day, you should wash the mask about once a week. If you go out every day, you should wash your mask every other day, or buy different face masks and keep track of their use, like a t-shirt.

Face masks can trap oil and debris in pores

If you feel that you may have been around someone who is sick, you should wash your mask immediately.


If you have experienced episodes of acne, rashes, and other types of skin irritation near the seams of your face mask, it may help to wash your face before putting the mask on and after taking it off. Face masks can trap oil and debris in your pores, especially if you wear them for long periods of time or if your face is naturally oily. You can also use acne spots if you have pimples and don’t want them to come in contact with your mask.


The skin on your face is very delicate. There are also a wide variety of products that can target all kinds of ailments, so it is very attractive for you to buy what you want and start taking care of your skin. Most of the time it is better to control these impulses and give your face a break.

Adding tons of different chemicals could dry out your skin and irritate it more, making your problem more painful and prominent. Treat your pimples and stains with trusted products, pimple patches, and regular washes. The best thing to do is keep your face hydrated, healthy, and clean.

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