Side Bangs

Side Bangs Are Making a Comeback — Here Are 4 Ways to Rock the Look

If there’s anything that has been steady in the world of hair trends over the past few years, it’s bangs. Whether they’re short, long, side-swept, fringe-y or reminiscent of long, flowing curtains, chances are you’ve seen them on the street, in magazines, donned by your favorite celebs or even tried them yourself. The latest take on this trend isn’t anything new, but rather a revamp of an old favorite. That’s right — side bangs are making a comeback. Here are the best ways to rock this style of bangs and make it your own.

How to Get the Look

Before you start thinking about side bangs, it’s important to know exactly what it means to rock them. Side bangs in particular are a widely flattering style of bangs that tightly frame the face. Unlike curtain bangs or other styles that sweep down the face towards the chin, side bangs usually stay a bit shorter and taper up towards the cheekbones and eyes. Side bangs are relatively low maintenance, which means the process of keeping them looking good only involves a few easy styling tricks and the use of professional hair styling products. In short, side bangs are a great option for just about anyone! 

If you’re considering making side bangs part of your look, know that not every set is created equal. The style varies when it comes to specific length and the amount of hair you want to include in the bangs themselves. Some even choose to accent their side bangs with highlights or other shades of professional hair color. Essentially, the choice is yours. Look through photos, consult a stylist and find what works best for you.

How to Get the Look

The Best Ways to Rock Side Bangs

1.Edgy Side Bangs: If flowy, beachy and relaxed isn’t really your style, you might consider a set of edgy, structured side bangs your perfect fit. Side bangs appear edgier when they are cut with a bit more rigidness, so be sure to ask your stylist for a more blunt cut. Of course, you can still taper them off later if you feel the cut is too severe. 

This style looks great when styled in a straight, sleek way. It’s reminiscent of wavy, scrunched hairstyles of the Y2K era with freshly straightened bangs on the side. Even though that combination might be done for, you can still pay homage to your younger self by straightening them out a bit. 

2.Side Bangs Two Ways: In addition to side bangs that sweep over just one side of the face, you can totally rock double side bangs. This is a common styling technique for those with traditional bangs that sweep across the forehead at eyebrow level. However, the style can be achieved using a side bang cut as well. Instead of cutting the hair all the way across the face, the sections would be cut on either side. The ends should taper off so they stay at the sides of the face and maintain a side-swept look. 

.Textured Side Bangs: For a look that’s perfect for any occasion, simply add a couple of professional texture hair products to your side bangs and make them really stand out! This works with any type or length of side bangs and is a great option when you haven’t washed your hair or just want to change things up a bit. 

Start by combing through the bangs and defining that section from the rest of your hair. Next, spray a bit of texture spray throughout the bangs and ruffle it up with your fingers. Your bangs should look perfectly messy, stylish and effortless. For even more hold throughout the day, add a bit of texture cream or your favorite professional hairspray

4.Pinned Back Pieces: If your side bangs are growing out or you prefer them on the longer side, this one’s for you! Create a pretty updo or pinned-back look by creating a swoosh shape with your side bangs on the side of your head. This look is perfect for formal occasions, weddings or when you want to show off long earrings. 

Start by brushing through your bangs until they’re tangle-free and touchably smooth. Holding the entire section of hair in your hand, gently lay the hair down over the side of your head and above your ear. Secure it with a bobby pin or two and then lift a few pieces of hair away from the pin to create a dramatic, voluminous look! 

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