5 Tips To Choose The Best Bedsheet

5 Tips To Choose The Best Bedsheet

Whenever one is looking for some relaxation, their bed is what they turn to. Naturally, having the most comfortable bed is as important as any other aspect of your house, if not more. One might spend days picking out the softest, cosiest mattress, but without the right bed sheets, all these efforts are in vain. Your bed sheets are in constant contact with your skin, day and night, so even the slightest irritation can be a big problem that will leave you feeling tired. Not only do bed sheets play a major role in your comfort, but they also greatly add to the aesthetic appeal of your space.

While bedsheets can be tricky to pick out, especially for someone with minimal knowledge about them, there are some tips to remember that can help you get them just right. So, if you ever find yourself at a loss of what to do when choosing bed sheets, here are five things to keep in mind:


  1. Choose The Right Fabric:   For fabric, look for something that works great all year round, as changing bed sheets according to the seasons will be terribly inconvenient. Fabrics like 100% pure cotton, Egyptian cotton or combed cotton are the ideal ones. They are all extremely comfortable, soft, regulate body temperature very well throughout the year and are also durable. Silk is also a popular fabric that gives you a rich feel.


  1. Pay Attention To Patterns: Countless types of prints and patterns for bed sheets like floral, abstract, graphic, geometric, colour-blocked, conversational, typographical and more are available in the market stock up on options that are pretty and match the overall vibe of your room. Don’t be scared of going for vibrant colours as these can affect your mood greatly.


  1. Thread Count Matters: The thread count of bed sheets refer to the present number of weaves in the fabric, and this determines the feel of any sheet. Many believe the higher the thread count, the better the bedsheet, but this isn’t entirely true. Excellent quality bed sheets have a thread count between 200-800, you’ll also come across options with a thread count higher than 1,000, but those are more often than not overrated.


  1. Get The Right Fit: Measure the exact size of your bed by inches, and don’t forget to take the mattress thickness into account. You don’t want to go through the struggle of one end of the bedsheet popping out every time you try to make your bed. The correct fit is supposed to sit just right.


  1. Consider The Weave Patterns: This refers to how the fabric of your bedsheets has been woven. The different types are flannel, percale, sateen, jersey, pinpoint, microfiber, satin, etc., with unique specifications you can filter through as per your preferences.


Letting the wrong bed sheet stand in the way of your comfort and a good night’s sleep is just not done. Online shopping platforms like Myntra have great collections of bed sheets with good quality options you should stock up on. Remember the above-mentioned tips and start shopping for your favourite bed sheets!

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