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Does Laser Treatment Really Grow Hair?

When you first notice that you’re starting to lose hair, so many fears grip you. Am I sick? Is this the end of my hair? Is there a cure? Do the treatments work? Which cure works best? Will my hair grow back? Are these hair regrowth measures safe?

This is absolutely normal. There are numerous hair loss treatments in the industry, and many of them make outrageous promises they cannot keep. Before trying out any new hair growth or hair replacement method, it is wise to research and understand what it is about. You should examine its authenticity, feasibility, safety, cost, and lots of other essential details.

That you’re reading this means you have been considering a laser hair growth treatment.  This article will answer all your questions and help to allay your fears.

What is Laser Hair Growth Treatment?


When you think about laser treatment, you would think it does the opposite zapping hair out of your skin. In this case, it’s different. Laser hair treatment, also known as red light therapy, is a non-evasive clinically-proven treatment that stimulates your hair follicles to grow thicker and fuller hair. 

It is a hair regrowth method used by men and women with pattern hair loss, baldness, or alopecia. The laser treatment usually comes in the form of laser devices. These devices can be laser caps, laser brushes, laser hoods, or laser combs, usually designed to be used at home or the salon so that using them does not disrupt your usual daily routine. This makes it convenient and easy to use. 

How Does Laser Hair Growth Treatment Work?

Contrary to what you may think, laser hair growth treatment is a safer hair growth method than many on the market. It is a less-invasive treatment than hair transplant surgery or other hair replacement methods because no needles or color pigments are inserted into your scalp. There are also no chemicals involved.

For this Lower-level Light Therapy (LLLT) treatment, laser lights irradiate photons into human tissue. This causes weak cells to absorb the photons and become strengthened. After the cells are irradiated, you give them time to rejuvenate enough to begin to regrow your hair and retain existing hair. 

The lower-level lights allow for blood circulation in the scalp, which largely contributes to the weak cells’ rejuvenation. It stimulates action in the cells that stem the hair loss cycle and spurs new hair to grow.

Is Laser Hair Treatment Really Effective?

Thousands of men and women have been able to get back their youthful looks with fuller and thicker hair credited to laser hair treatment. But just like many types of hair treatment, the effectiveness of the procedure varies per individual. What works for one person may not exactly be effective on others. The key to an effective hair treatment remains consistency give it time. 

Another vital determinant of the effectiveness of laser hair treatment is the quality of the device you use. Some laser hair treatment devices are not efficient enough to get the job done. Always look for devices that contain medical grade laser diodes vs LEDs. 

When Do You Start to See Results?

The appearance of hair growth results also varies from individual to individual. However, most individuals typically report noticeable hair growth results somewhere between the 4-7 month mark of religiously using the caps.

How Long Does the Growth Effect of LLLT Last?

The way the laser hair growth treatment works is to rejuvenate the weak hair follicles and cause them to sprout hair again. Now that these follicles have been reawakened, they reverse, stop or slow down the process of hair loss continuously so that your hair keeps growing back thicker and fuller than before.


Having reservations about hair regrowth procedures is quite normal. Will your hair grow back again? That’s the million-dollar question. The benefits of laser hair caps for treating hair loss far outweigh the con. Our favorite is that it is non-invasive, so there are no known side effects from treatment. 


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