How should my creams be if I have sensitive skin?

What products should we apply if we have sensitive skin? We explain how to hydrate and remove makeup.

Any of the ingredients that become part of a cosmetic product can cause the skin to react to it and become irritated. Most commonly, the culprits are preservatives and added fragrances. To avoid risks, it is best to look for products specially designed for this type of skin. “They have to be free formulas of parabens, silicones, acids and alcohol, as well as any type of irritating agent, as is the case of retinol. The most suitable are emollient moisturizers since they provide the lipids that are altered in the cells of the skin “, describes Dr. Elías del Río, deputy medical director of Hedonai. When in doubt, it is best to do a tasting: apply a small amount to an area that is not very visible and see if there is a reaction.

And how do I remove my makeup? How should you remove makeup on sensitive skin?

“It is as important to choose the product well as to apply it correctly. They must be formulated with mild surfactants and ingredients such as shea or thermal water, since, in addition to cleaning, they ensure protection and have a calming and anti-irritant effect. It should be done smoothly. One trick that works very well is to spray the cotton make-up remover disc first with thermal water and then apply the cleanser. This way it glides and removes make-up better, as well as benefiting from a feeling of freshness and calm. from the middle to the outside, following the lines of facial tension, avoiding making circular movements, energetic and, above all, without rubbing, “recommends Leonor Prieto, scientific director of La Roche Posay.

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