Hair removal with thread: does it work?

A natural technique that is increasingly fashionable in Europe for its multitude of advantages. It extracts hair from the roots, it is durable and does not irritate the skin, among other benefits.


From the wax to the tweezers until you reach the hair removal with thread . A technique that is gaining more and more followers due to its precision and, for what is most interesting among its followers: once the hair is removed , it takes longer to leave than using other hair removal methods. And voila, the boom of a fashion arrives that celebrities have already left evidence. But also many other people who already declare themselves unconditional of hair removal with thread. But what does this technique really consist of?

Threading hair removal is a totally natural option . To put it into practice , cotton or silk thread is used , which is twisted and rotated on the skin between five and ten times, thus lifting the follicle and  removing the root hair . Its success is mainly due to the fact that, unlike the traditional tweezers method, the thread is capable of removing a full row of hair in a single pass. Its result? A more precise and elegant eyebrows . In addition, for people with sensitive skin it is the most recommended technique for facial hair removal. And, although thread hair removal is known for its easy application on the eyebrows, upper lip or chin, it is alsodifferent areas can be treated; groin, arms, legs, hands, back, abdomen or fingers.

We cannot ignore its provenance. Because although hair removal with hair has become fashionable in Europe and North America in the last decade, this ancient technique has its origins in India and ancient Persia. In fact, it is currently the most popular eyebrow and face waxing method in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. In Spain, there are several centers where you can try the hair removal technique, also known as  threading . The only requirement is to go to a specialized center where they master the process. Learn now about the five advantages of hair removal with thread :

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