Hair problems and their treatment Your solution!

Do you have problems with your hair? Dandruff, hair loss, psoriasis, oily, dry or sensitive hair … Put a solution to the problems of your scalp!


If it brings your scalp upside down … Easy! It has caused us all trouble, at least once. In fact, it can change due to external conditions, such as pollution and weather , or internal, such as stress and food.

The problems that can appear are diverse and, of course, some are easier to deal with than others. Most of us women know them because we have suffered them or, even, because they are still present in our day to day. Therefore, it is important to always pay attention to our scalp and to possible changes or reactions. And we are not talking about the small daily struggles that we can have with our curled hair , without volume or with split ends , but rather we refer to more serious battles. So they are also more difficult to treat.

Hair problems and their solution

How is your hair? Probably, you feel identified with any of the following problems. They are very common among women, but we do not always know how to solve them or what products can be really useful. To start, you first need to understand what happens to our hair.


Having a scalp full of dandruff is harmful to the well-being of our hair. Dandruff weakens it and can also contribute to the appearance of alopecia. It also produces an annoying itch. Pollution, excess fat, stress, tension, nerves and a lack of vitamins are some of the causes of dandruff.

There are two types of dandruff: dry and fat. The first is more common and durable. Normally, it appears in the form of scales that usually detach easily from the scalp and are thin, dry and white or grayish. And this unsightly problem does not end here, since the scalp is also dry and the hair is not shiny .

In relation to fatty dandruff, the same reactions occur but with more intensity. That is, the scales are larger, thicker, and greasier, and take on an unwanted shade of yellow. It is associated with seborrhea and causes a lot of itching, so scratching is unavoidable. It can even cause irritation and cause alopecia.

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To end this problem, you can use a neutral shampoo and brush your hair gently. If it persists, consult a dermatologist before using other anti-dandruff treatments.

Greasy hair

In this case, the scalp secretes sebum as a protection method against the bacteria that surround us. The problem is that sometimes this segregation occurs in excess. Consequently, our hair looks dull and lifeless. Stress and an unbalanced diet are the most common causes of oily hair. To regulate excess sebum, use a specific shampoo for oily hair and, little by little, you will see it cleaner for longer.


Dry hair is usually due to improper hair care. Whether due to the wrong use of a shampoo that is not for you or that includes aggressive components, such as overusing the dryer and the iron . Likewise, sun exposure and a dry climate also dry it out. Dry hair tends to break, is coarse and is usually dull. Dehydration of the scalp and poor production of hair fat are the causes of dryness.

To counteract this effect, the use of these electronic devices should be reduced and, if you are going to use them, previously protect your hair with a heat protection spray. Avoid washing your hair every day, use shampoos formulated for dry hair and apply a hair mask.

Sensitive scalp

Burning, tingling, pain, itching, or redness are some of the symptoms of a hyper-reactive or hypersensitive scalp. Sensitivity appears due to unbalanced diets, contamination, the use of wrong shampoos or stress. To finish off your sensitive hair, try mild shampoos that contain no irritating components. The delicacy and softness is very important so as not to aggravate the problem.

Ringworm of the head

It is a fungal infection, caused by fungi that live in dead hair tissues. These mold-like fungi are called dermatophytes, and are more present in hot and humid environments. It is usually prone during childhood, although it can also appear at any other age. In this case, the hair falls off and bald spots appear with small white dots. Also, ringworm of the head can cause lasting scarring. To reduce it, it is essential to keep the scalp clean and wash it with a specific shampoo, prescribed by the dermatologist.


Scalp psoriasis is an inflammatory disease that causes peeling and can cause dandruff in abundance. Normally, it appears in buds, so there are times when you can suffer more intensely. Among the treatments, we can use specific shampoos or lotions, formulated with urea and salicylic acid, among other components. In this way, we contribute to the reduction of inflammation, itching and desquamation.

Hair loss

If you are one of those who find hair everywhere … You should know that excess hair loss is not good. It is normal that we lose it, but no more of the account. Lack of vitamins, an unbalanced diet, hormonal changes, stress, or our genetics, can cause alopecia. To reduce or avoid this constant loss of hair, try to eat healthier and try to relax and disconnect a little.

Brittle hair

Hair breakage can be recognized by the presence of small white dots in the hair, which indicate that it is fractured. Brittle hair also causes the feeling of rough, dull hair. Brushing excessively, putting a lot of pressure on the hair, undergoing chemical treatments and heat, are factors that cause this breakage. Recovering broken hair is not possible, but it is necessary to have strong and nourished hair again. Try cutting your tips more frequently to remove damaged areas, undergo a keratin treatment to rebuild it, and apply a heat shield before using a blow dryer or iron.

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