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This is the ideal mascara according to the shape of your eyelashes

Do you know which mask is the perfect one for you? Choose the right one, depending on the shape of your eyes and eyelashes, and get better results. Impact with your gaze!


A touch of mascara before leaving home never hurts . Perhaps we do not want to go out with makeup, but we do give a special touch to our eyes. But in the market there are many types of mascara … What a mess! In addition, depending on the shape of your eyes and eyelashes , one product will favor you more than another. So which one do we choose?

There are different forms of brush and each one has a specific function. To start, you should know yourself, look at your eyes and eyelashes, and think about what look and result you want to achieve. Give them volume, definition, intensity, lengthen them, curl them … Find your ideal option! In addition, you can always vary and try new things, to give a different touch to your look.

What is your ideal mascara?

The general rule of thumb is to buy a mascara and voila, right? However, depending on your features and the look you want, you must choose a certain product. The results will be better if you choose the one that is right for you.

Provides volume 

If you are looking to give volume to your look, go for a long brush with thick bristles. Your lashes will stand out, thanks to the density and characteristic dark color of this type of mascara. To identify it, look at its shape: wide at the bottom and thin at the top.

Define your gaze

Tired of lumps? We all know what lumpy and glued lashes look like. To avoid this, use a small or medium plastic brush with very close bristles. In this way, you will be able to separate them and obtain greater definition and precision.

Higher intensity

If you are looking to create a greater impact, opt for a mask that has a curved brush, almost shaped like an ‘S’. Thus, you will capture all the tabs and generate an infinite and more intense look. Even, you will give movement to your eyelashes.

More length

Our lashes don’t always have the same length. If this is your case, you will know that it is difficult to pair them. Therefore, the three-sphere brush is ideal, as it will allow you to better distribute the product, according to your needs. You can achieve a greater length in each tab! Plus, it’s perfect for short, thin lashes.

More density

If you are short of eyelashes, the mascara with a straight brush will become your best ally. In this case, it does not matter if you use a larger amount, if it is well arranged from the base to the tips. You will see, it will seem that you have many more tabs!

Curl them

With a curved brush and slightly separated bristles, you can curl your eyelashes. This model allows you to lift them around the corners and create a sensation of elevated gaze.

Natural effect

Some of us prefer a more natural effect and in this case, the perfect choice is a normal mascara. The basic one, which does not create any effect, but makes them look darker and with more volume.

Double brush

A mask with two brushes allows you to get two effects in one. Each one has a specific function to highlight your look. Among the most common, we find those that offer volume and length at the same time.


Take care of your eyes with a moisturizing mask. These are products that are usually formulated with almond or chestnut oil, and that provide vitamins to the eyelashes. You will dazzle, while you pamper yourself!

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