Start by acclimatizing the bath ; Put incense , candles, and step into a universe of peace and relaxation like Julia Roberts would in one of the highest-grossing romantic comedies of the decade. It was ‘Pretty Woman’ and that characteristic pomposity of the late 90s; bathtubs, champagne, laughs … Too ambitious. Now, with these little tips, you will discover how easy it is to create that moment of calm Ah! And  without the need to waste so much water.

Elements such as the temperature of the water , the gels or shampoos you use and even the type of towel you dry with will influence how relaxing that moment can be. We show you here some keys to make the shower your favorite break space :

Use warm or hot water

The temperature does matter when giving us a relaxing shower. Use warm or hot water as it will help you release the accumulated tension in the body . Avoid cold water because it can activate you too much and we just look for the opposite.

Let the shower stream massage you

Take advantage of the qualities of the shower jet and let it massage your head, back and shoulders. Areas where we tend to accumulate a lot of tension throughout the day.

Candles, incense, music; a space for calm

Create your own relaxing atmosphere and do it using music, candles, incense sticks. All those elements that you may need to create a relaxing environment .

Use soft, pleasant to the touch towels

It seems silly but it is not. The type of towels you use also influences your rest. Use soft, pleasant to the touch towels. For example, fluffy white ones can help you create the feeling of being in a spa .

Let yourself be carried away by the aroma of the gel and the shampoo

It is your time, so use gels and shampoos with relaxing smells like lavender or sandalwood to get into this state of relaxation as soon as possible.

Create a natural environment by including plants in the bathroom

In addition to candles or music, it is important that you decorate the bathroom naturally . Including plants is another way to make it look calmer and more relaxed. There are some suitable species for this space, such as orchids, ivy or philodendron.

Take advantage of the relaxing properties of oils

This relaxation ritual makes much more sense if you apply aromatic oils to your skin . Better to do it after the shower to end this moment of rest and tranquility.