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Peptide Rich Diet Options: Things To Know About Natural Peptides

Peptides, strings of amino acids, are formed by your body and are considered the building blocks of proteins. However, peptides consist of a lesser amount of amino acids compared to proteins. Some of the labs, like Lotilabs, carried out clinical trials. If successful, these lab-made peptides can be used for various medicinal purposes.

According to studies, some specific types of peptides can be highly beneficial for your muscles, skin, and even weight management. People are becoming concerned about their peptide requirements nowadays. The best solution is to rely on a natural diet plan for your peptide fulfillment. Here is a brief guide on peptide-rich diet options. So, check till the end.

Traditional Food: Peptide Fulfillment


Across different continents and cultures, people rely more on traditional natural food items to boost the production of peptides in their bodies. You can obtain milk protein-derived peptides from sources like cheese, yogurt, kefir, buttermilk. You can also get fermented-food derived peptides from sources like pickles. Also, eating fermented soybean products like natto, tempeh and tofu ensure rich-source of peptides. These peptide-rich-diet sources have bioactive properties that are safe to eat and best for culinary use.

Peptide Rich Diet-Options: Natural Food Sources

Here are some specific food items that ensure the best natural peptide production in your body.

1.     Chicken

Chicken is the best source to boost the production of collagen peptides in your body. There are various supplements derived from chicken to ensure collagen production. Chicken contains ample amounts of connective tissues. These tissues help make them an ideal peptide rich-diet diet option. Studies show that chicken neck and cartilage acts as a great source of collagen peptides for treating arthritis.

2.     Fish And Shellfish

Fish and shellfish have ligaments and bones made of peptides like any other animal. Some studies claim that marine peptides are one of the most easily absorbed peptides. You can eat a diet including dishes like salmon and tuna sandwiches for your peptide needs, but you must know that the ‘meat’ of the fish contains less collagen than its other parts like bones. Researchers have used the skin of fish as a source of collagen peptides.

3.     Egg Whites

Egg whites consist of a vast amount of proline, which is one of the crucial amino acids required for collagen-peptide production in your body. Thus, eating 2-3 egg whites a day can show immense benefit in boosting the collagen-peptide production in your body.

4.     Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C is a crucial diet option for anyone who wants to boost pro-collagen production in their body. Getting ample vitamin C is essential. Citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, grapefruit, and limes play a crucial role in delivering ample vitamin C to your body. You can also try to add orange segments into a salad or eat broiled grapefruit for breakfast.

5.     Beans

Beans are protein-rich food items that consist of amino acids responsible for collagen peptide synthesis. Also, beans are rich in copper, another nutrient effective in producing peptides. So, including beans in your daily diet plan is an ideal solution.

So, these are some of the  food options that contain natural peptides. You can include them in your diet and get the goodness of natural peptides.



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