5 Best Home Remedies to Relieve Your Child’s Canker Sores

5 Effective Ways to Heal Your Child’s Canker Sores at Home

Canker sores may be small but they can cause big pain. Letting these little ulcers heal on their own means your child will suffer in excruciating pain for a week or two. It also makes it difficult to eat or drink anything.

Though it is not clear why these sores occur, many dentists who offer canker sore treatments in Brampton say that there may be a variety of factors. Some include not maintaining a proper diet, being sensitive to certain foods or components in toothpaste, and stress.

It is not possible to heal canker sores overnight. But you can reduce their pain and swelling with the help of some simple and useful home remedies.

So, before you take your child to a dentist in Brampton, consider trying out some home remedies first.

Let’s see what they are.

Simple Home Remedies to Relieve Pain Caused by Canker Sores


Many dental clinics offer canker sore treatment in Brampton. However, if you wish to try some safe methods at home first, consider trying out one of these tips to relieve your child’s pain and reduce their swelling.

  1. Saltwater Rinse

A saltwater rinse is one of the most effective treatments for canker sores. Add one teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water and mix it. Ask your child to take one small sip of the solution at a time and swish it around their mouth for 15-20 seconds before spitting it out. Though the salt in the rinse may aggravate their pain, it will help to dry out the sore and heal it faster than it would have otherwise. While your child can rinse their mouth with the solution, make sure they do not swallow any of it.

  1. Honey

Honey is a natural remedy with anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying some of it directly to the affected area three or four times a day will reduce your child’s pain and swelling and decrease the size of the canker sores. Plus, it will prevent the spread of any disease caused by mouth bacteria that would worsen the sores.

Just make sure you buy unpasteurized honey. It possesses nutritional properties and will be able to heal your child’s canker sore more effectively.

  1. Baking Powder

It is important to keep the acidity level in their mouth in check to speed up the healing process. For this, baking soda is an ideal ingredient as it helps to restore the PH balance inside the mouth and minimize inflammation and pain. You can also notice how the canker sore diminishes within 24 hours.

You can make a thick paste with water and baking soda and apply it to the affected area. Or prepare a mouth rinse by mixing one teaspoon of baking soda with half a cup of water. Ask your child to swish it around their mouth for about 30 seconds before spitting it out.

  1. Coconut Oil

The natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of coconut oil make it an excellent remedy for canker sores, especially if it is caused due to mouth bacteria. It also helps reduce pain, soreness, and redness.

You can apply coconut oil to the affected area using a cotton ball. Repeat this step multiple times throughout the day to see visible changes.

  1. Zinc Lozenges

It can take a long time for canker sores to heal if your child’s immune system is weak as it cannot actively fight off the bacteria that cause them. One of the best ways to boost it is by including zinc in their diet. For this, you can purchase zinc lozenges from a pharmacy and ingest them after meals. Besides fighting off bacteria, it will help speed up the healing process if you have developed a lesion in your mouth.

Some Dos and Don’ts to Reduce Pain and Prevent Future Canker Sores

To prevent future canker sores for your child, keep in mind some dos and don’ts.

  • Make them drink cold water, juices, or any other cold liquids to relieve their pain.
  • Don’t give them spicy or salty foods, citrus fruits, nuts, or chocolates as these can trigger pain and swelling.
  • Apply ice directly to your child’s affected area to reduce their soreness and redness.
  • Make sure they brush their teeth properly using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Also, give them toothpaste and mouthwash that does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate.
  • Do not give your child solid food that requires them to chew and constantly keep touching their canker sores. Instead, feed them soft foods that are easy to chew and quick to swallow such as soft-boiled eggs, yogurt, soups, applesauce, mashed potatoes, and other pureed or mashed foods.
  • Poor oral hygiene can worsen canker sores. Help your child understand the importance of good oral hygiene from a young age.

When Should They Visit a Child Dentist in Brampton?

In most cases, canker sores reduce or heal completely within a week or two and do not indicate any serious health issues. However, if the sores show no sign of improvement even after trying out these home remedies, it is best to consult a pediatric dentist immediately.

Canker sores can be very irritating and painful, and your child will have to endure a great deal of suffering if you leave them to heal on their own. Of course, there are many dental clinics that provide canker sore treatments in Brampton. But you can try some useful home remedies to lessen their pain effectively and quickly.

Now that you are aware of these home remedies, take action immediately. Follow these dos and don’ts for effective healing. However, if the pain and swelling persist beyond a week, do not delay in making an appointment with your child’s dentist.

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