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4 tips to reconnect with your partner

Fanning the flame of a relationship is not always easy. Go back to the small details, disconnect from the mobile and build unique experiences for you and your partner. The key? The illusion of time invested.

The illusion that runs through the body at the beginning of a couple is more than evident. An emotional connection that characterizes new lovers and that actually lasts as long as you want. Because like everything, this also depends on two. And although sometimes the routine drags us with their schedules and obligations, if a couple wants there is always a small gap in which to spend time. In fact, there are numerous options to fan the flame of a relationship . From preparing a romantic evening , enjoying dinner in a special restaurant or giving an experience. Options? As many as desired.

And it is that, connecting with the couple takes time but above all illusion. A real interest in making things work and flow. Nor can we pretend to return to that euphoria characteristic of the first months of love and debauchery. It is about being aware and valuing the other or the other through caring and conscious listening.

This principle is very useful to improve the couple relationship from self-knowledge , without reproaches of any kind. In fact, on many occasions, if we believe that our partner does not show as much as we would like his affection, it is likely that we do not show it, so it is convenient to think about where that anger or displeasure really comes from, and then work to solve it.

As we explained, a relationship requires time in addition to a real connection with the other person. Being there, in the here and now, leaving aside mobile phones and other technological devices. According to the latest studies, Spaniards spend more than 3 hours a day watching the mobile, which means more than 21 hours a week. “We want to be aware of everything that happens around us and we are not always aware that this hyper connection distances us from our loved ones,” explains Arana. It is advisable to turn off the phone and invest more time in the couple. It is about disconnecting without interruptions and showing that what is important is the connection between the two.

If there is something that we notice and feel very well, those are the small details . It is true that in the first months there is an euphoria that seems to cover everything. The main hormones responsible for this are oxytocin and dopamine, which also generate well-being and happiness. To continue activating these sensations, it is enough to give him small powerful gestures such as a walk holding hands, a massage or a hug. “When someone has just met, the caresses and expressions of affection are numerous, but the routine makes them forget and this, in turn, results in distancing and disconnection” confirms Arana.

With the passage of time, it is normal for the relationship to become more routine, so it is advisable to seek and find exclusive moments to enjoy the company of the couple. Only in this way can you somehow maintain those feelings that already reigned at the beginning of the relationship and that do not have to be lost over time.

Disconnect the mobile and pay attention to the moment

Don’t forget the little details

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