The beauty routine that every man should follow

The skin is the cover letter for all female and male faces, so we must all take care of it to enhance its healthy appearance and prevent premature aging.


For years, men have lost the complexes and more and more are taking care of their faces and establishing daily and nightly beauty routines to look more attractive and healthy. They do this using personal care and hygiene products and, in some cases, even cosmetics. Many have understood that healthy and well-groomed skin is also beautiful, luminous skin that will age later. That is why it is worth taking care of it, inside, with a balanced diet, and outside, with creams and other beauty products. One of the elements of distinction with which men can stand out, unlike women, is the beard. It can give a lot of play to the appearance of your face and, in addition, there are countless products such as soaps, oils or serums for your care and hydration.

Skincare routine

  • Cleaning. To remove dirt or excess oil, you should wash your face with water and a cleaning product, every night and every morning. Cleaning is a fundamental step, because, only if your skin is clean, will you get the treatments you apply afterwards to be effective.
  • Hydration. Hydration is one of the most important steps to have healthy and resistant skin, to prevent dryness and to delay wrinkles. Once your skin is clean, in the morning you should apply a moisturizer to the face and neck.
  • Solar protection. Even in winter, sunscreen must be used daily. The sun is the main responsible for the premature aging of the skin. In addition to causing stains, it generates oxidative stress and therefore accelerates wrinkles. You can always opt for a moisturizer with a sun protection factor.
  • Treatment. At night it is time to use a specific cream or serum, depending on the needs of your skin (dry, oily or mixed). For example, an anti-wrinkle cream, firming or with some acid such as glycolic. The most advisable thing is that you let yourself be advised by a dermatologist, to guide you on the best product for you.

Also, once a week you can use a mask. The cellulose ones are the easiest to put on and take off. The masks are products rich in assets that will improve your skin in just a few minutes.

Anti-wrinkle creams from the age of 30

Men’s skin is thicker and has more collagen, which helps wrinkles take longer to appear. But skin aging is influenced by other external factors such as tobacco, stress, alcohol, pollution, a poor diet or excess sun.

If you are worried about aging, the dermatologist Pedro Rodríguez recommends starting to use anti-wrinkle creams “around the age of 30, which is when small wrinkles start to appear, and we are in time to prevent many more from progressing or coming out.”

It is also advisable to incorporate a specific product for the eye area, because that skin is thinner and in addition to wrinkles, it suffers the most obvious signs of tiredness: dark circles and bags.

Don’t forget to take care of your hair

The conditioner is one of your allies so that the hair presents a good appearance giving it shine, softness and volume. Although you should not apply it daily, two or three times a week is sufficient. You can also use different masks. Although as a rule the gel, wax and foam are not good if you want to keep your hair in perfect condition, they can also be used sometimes to look more groomed or attractive. It is not advisable to dye your hair with chemicals.

For those who wear beards

  • Use shampoo. There is a study that ensures that your beard is a focus of dirt. Believe it or not, you will recognize that the beards are very exposed and filter the environmental dirt. You should wash your beard as often, or more, than your head. But you have to choose the right shampoo, the one that contains oils and natural ingredients. Shampoos that contain many chemicals can dry out your beard, crack your skin, and cause facial irritation.
  • Creams and oils. Using beard oil optimizes your hydration. Although in the summer months it is better to use cream. Look for beard creams rich in shea butter, with organic aloe to soften, and lime oil to remove dirt.
  • Establish a routine for your beard. It is important to keep the beard hydrated. Before bed, apply a beard cream. In this way, it will absorb the product during the night and you will wake up with a softer and stronger beard. Comb your beard each day in the direction you want it to grow. Repeat this at least three times a day and the hair will eventually be redirected. Poor eating habits and stress are a few reasons that cause sparse and uneven beards.

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