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10 essential pieces of clothing for your wardrobe

We offer you a dozen pieces of clothing, versatile and combinable, that will allow you to achieve different looks effortlessly. A good way to structure and bring order to the closet.


Surely these last weeks you are wearing the tracksuit and pajamas more than the jeans and the dresses, except in the cases in which a video conference makes you look for some top or t-shirt to go out well on screen (experts already call it business above , that is to say , dress only from the middle up).

This extra time at home, which makes us bet on comfortable and comfortable clothes , can also help us to check the bottom of our wardrobes and determine if we have everything we need to return to the new normal. If quarantine has taught us anything, it is that comfortable and easy-to-wear clothes will always have an important space in our homes. Also, a wardrobe built on versatile items will make dressing up much faster and easier. And precisely for this reason we propose a list of garments that, with very little, achieve the most diverse looks .

A pair of plain t-shirts

They won’t be the funniest pieces in your wardrobe, but plain t-shirts are so incredibly versatile that they deserve a spotlight. It is important to choose a good fabric – better if it is 100% cotton – and decide if you prefer them in white, black or other colors. If you want them loose or fitted, with sleeves or with straps, it’s up to you.

Some cowboy pants

Each person has jeans that work better for them, whether due to the shape, the materials or the type of fall (see which one fits you best depending on your body type ). Whatever your ideal jeans look like, what is clear is that denim will never go out of style. If you have doubts about which to buy, we recommend you to go for loose jeans, with a leg and high waist, which can be combined with any type of shoe.

A black dress

The black dresses have it all: they adapt to any situation, have a stylish point and never go out of style. And most importantly: having a good little black dress will save you when you don’t know what to wear. A garment that popularized the influential Coco Chanel, at a time when the color black was not used in dresses because it was related to mourning.

A dark blazer

The blazer is one of the most versatile pieces that exists, both to go to a work meeting and to make a video conference from home -with a light-colored blouse underneath- or for dinners and informal outings -over a top or a T-shirt and with jeans-. If what you want is to join the latest urban fashion, you can put this casual jacket over your shoulder.

A pair of leggings

The leggings are not just for exercise or to get quickly to the supermarket. Made from the 1960s thanks to the popularization of dancers’ clothing, these stretchy and tight pants became popular with many different styles. In addition, they are perfect for giving an informal touch to outfits.

A plain shirt

The shirts also have the peculiarity of adapting to different looks with ease, a fact that makes them a great piece of wardrobe . So that it is not satisfied only with gray, white and black tones -that we are not mistaken, they are the easiest to combine-, we recommend that you bet on the shirt for the color, for example, with a pale pink or blue light blue.


A shirt dress

This garment stylizes anyone who wears it, since it adapts very well to different silhouettes . It is a versatile, comfortable and flattering dress that you can also find in a multitude of fabrics, cuts and colors. We recommend a plain and short color for the wardrobe, although you can also take a risk with a long, patterned one… there are no limits!

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