1. FACE FEARS AND INSECURITIES. In general, weaknesses are part of the human being, but if we give them great importance they can greatly affect our daily life and have consequences on a physical and psychological level. Reflect on what does not make you feel good, about your fears, and try to work on it and relativize. Don’t hesitate to ask a therapist for help if necessary.
  2. ANALYZE YOUR RHYTHM OF LIFE. If you are one of those who often says “I don’t have time” or “I’m exhausted”, you are probably not organizing well and not spending time with yourself. Find a time to stop and see what doesn’t work.
  3. BE RIGOROUS WITH HYDRATION. Not everyone follows the norm of drinking between one and two liters of water a day, for noticing its lack of flavor or for not having the habit. If you are part of this group, you can also opt for juices, infusions, isotonic drinks or broths, which will help you maintain the body’s hydration balance. Although you should never stop drinking water.
  4. COLD NO; HOT, NEITHER. Very hot or very cold foods and drinks can irritate the musculature of the voice system, as well as other organs such as the esophagus or stomach. Consume them at warm temperature.
  5. GUARD THE NECK AREA. A scarf or scarf are good companions to overcome sudden changes in weather and also not expose yourself to flu and colds, typical of the autumn stage.
  6. DO NOT TALK ABOUT ELBOWS. If you talk excessively for work or because you tend to, try to give your voice a break, it is a muscle that also tires. Also shy away from noisy environments that force you to force it.

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