Mobile application developers are increasingly aware of the interest of the general public in maintaining a healthy 360º life. And for this reason, in recent times we are witnessing a high proliferation of applications that provide us with information and help us to successfully carry out our mission.

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– RunKeeper :Join the over 25 million people who are already using RunKeeper and turn your smartphone into a pocket personal trainer. With this app you can calculate distances, rhythms, routes, measure your progress, make training plans? Everything that any runner can need. Available for Android and iPhone.

– FotoSkin : Everyone knows that the sun is more dangerous every year. Despite this, we still sometimes ignore the advice of health authorities. Therefore, this free application for iPhone and Android should not be missing on your phone. It is developed by Spanish dermatologists and allows us to follow the evolution of skin and moon spots, just photographing our skin.

– VirtuaGym :Do you dream of having a personal trainer but can’t afford it? With this app you will be able to make your dream come true and have on your mobile a true virtual Fitness instructor with more than 800 exercises and action plans. Available for Android and iPhone.

– Daily Yoga : Whether you are a complete yogi or wanting to get into this discipline but can’t find the moment, sign up for this app to get fit in a more relaxed way. It has several levels and all the positions are explained in detail. You can accompany them with music for practice and HD videos of relaxing landscapes. Available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

– My Fitness Pal :Know the amount of calories you consume each day with this app. You can control what you have eaten with the barcode scanner included in the application or by searching a database that contains more than three million meals. But remember, don’t obsess! Available for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry.