procedure for removing gel on the nails

Procedure for removing gel on the nails

This is the same procedure for removing gel on the nails

When you go to the office, you are very dignity. The work was fought during the lockdown. There is no need for a specialist to be ready at home. Otherwise, there will be gore nail polish. It’s not good to keep Corona in time. That’s why Imani Ashman from London has some tips for removing gel on gores. There is also a salon called Colored London Nails. 


100% acetone, cotton wool, hydrated cuticle oil.


1. Gores should be fastened as preferably.

2. After that the nails need to be filtered to keep them from getting rough. Now you have to lay a nail polish as a layer. Then file.

3. Dip the cotton wool in acetone and put it on the nail. Wrap the foil over it.

4. Keep it for 30 minutes.

5. Roll all the fingers to do so. Then remove the foil at once. 

6. Apply shining nail polish on clean gores. There is no loss.

7. Cleaning the gores with acetone will dry them out a lot. Soak the gorls in hydrating cuticle oil. This helps the gorillas get the vitamins and keep them dry.

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