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How to Get Stunning Nail Art Designs and Nail Art at Home

How to Get Stunning Nail Art Designs and Nail Art at Home

Nail art designs can be inspired by different factors including fashion trends, body shapes and even personal preference. Nail art involves the use of various accessories including artificial nails, acrylic ones, gel nails, etc. To create stunning nail art designs, you need to understand how to create a good palette for your nails. The main purpose of creating a nail palette is to make it easier for you to apply nail art designs in an effective manner.

To start off with your nail art creations, you need to make sure that the natural nail is clear and there are no gaps between the cuticles. Next, apply a neutral shade of polish on the entire nail area, starting from the tip and working towards the tips of the nails. You can either work with a single coat or apply two to three coats depending on your preference.

Another important aspect of nail designs is the application of the nail polish and the type of polish chosen. Generally, natural nail art comes in two categories metallic and clear. Although there is little difference between these two categories, there are some basic guidelines to follow for each category. Clear polish usually has a glossy finish and has natural glitter to it. On the other hand, metallic polish has a matte finish and has a brilliant shine.

One can easily create a stunning nail art design by mixing and matching two different types of nail polish colors. If you want to create a subtle look, then you can opt for nude polish colors like peach, white, yellow and red. For a glamorous look, one can choose gold, silver and copper polish shades. Nude nail polish colors are very versatile and can be matched with different outfits.

The next important aspect that must be followed to create stunning nail art designs is to obtain the right tools and materials. To create nail art designs using simple tools like nail files and nail polishes, you only need a file and a polish remover. To create nail art designs using sophisticated tools like nail stencils and brushes, you will require a set of brushes like those used for sketching, a stencil, glue and an acrylic paint kit along with the necessary materials required like nails glue, acrylic top coat and a cuticle shield. These tools and materials can easily be bought from any good art supplies store.

Stunning nail designs can be achieved by using three or four different colors for the nails. The best way to create such exciting designs is to use different shades of the same color for the base coat, the top coat and the bottom coat of the nails. For example, if you want to create nail art designs using red as the main color, you can mix it with white for the base coat and blend it with silver for the top coat. You can use pink, blue and green for the other colors for the top coat and violet for the bottom coat.

For the elegant look, you can try using light pink shades as your main color combination. If you want to add some contrast to it, use brown shades for the accents on the top and the bottom of the nails. You can also use a pale pink as a base color for the manicure and then add shades of pink for the different accessories. You can use black for the tips of the nails and then use different shades of pink for the middle layer and shades of white for the tips and pink for the ends of the nails.

Last but not least, for a totally unique nail art design, you should consider adding different metallic accents. For example, if you are going for a chic and sophisticated look, you can opt for different metal pieces. For example, you can use metal studs, metal buttons or even metallic beads. For a more modern look, you can also consider using non-metallic items like bracelets and rings. In case you have metallic accents on your outfit, it would be perfect to match them with the nails you are going to paint.

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