Advantages and disadvantages of all hair removal methods

Do you know all the ways to remove body hair and its advantages and disadvantages? Well now, maybe you are considering your hair removal method again …

The good weather is coming and, now more than ever, we look and our body hair bothers us more. How lazy! Above, apart from having to think about waxing, then we may get redness or itching. Although, how good it is without those little hairs!

Today, there are so many hair removal methods that bring us upside down. Which are better? What advantages and disadvantages do they present? It is all a matter of a decision that each of us must make, personally and independently.

Power is in our hands and, therefore, it is important that we know each technique well. In this way, we will choose the method that best suits us.

Which method to choose?

Wearing smooth and hairless skin is easy, there are several ways to get it and at different prices. From the most affordable, to others a little more expensive. Whatever your decision, you should know your options.


One of the oldest methods of hair removal, which many of us choose because it removes hair from the roots and for its duration . You can go weeks and weeks without having to wax again, and that is a pleasure! However, it does have its consequences.

After waxing, it is not recommended to expose yourself to the sun , since the treated body areas may become red. Also, if your skin is sensitive or you have varicose veins , heat can affect your veins. If you like this method, it is preferable that you use cold wax adhesive strips.


The great option for when we are in a hurry, which allows us to wax dry or wet. It is a simple, comfortable, practical and painless way to remove hair. What is the problem? Cut the hair, without pulling it out by the roots . In addition, it can cause small cuts and makes the hair come out faster and stronger.

In the event that you shave with a blade, it is recommended that you do it with light movements,  to avoid small tears. And every time you go to remove hair, use a new blade . You can also use a hair removal gel to facilitate the process.

Electric razor

It is also effective when we are caught unaware and we do not have the necessary time. This method plucks the hair by the roots, as long as it has grown enough.

Its results are long-lasting and you will only have to invest money to buy the machine. Then you can forget about the costs of other hair removal methods. They even sell specific accessories for each area to be waxed , since some body areas need to be treated with more care.

If this is your choice, you should take into account which epilator you are going to use, since not all of them are equally good and effective. Also, consider that it can cause the appearance of  ingrown hairs, redness and irritation.

Depilatory cream

It’s great because it hardly hurts and it’s as easy as applying the cream, waiting a few minutes, and voila! Many of us prefer it because of the comfort and the speed with which it allows to eliminate body hair.

However, this is another method that cuts hair and does not pluck it from the roots, so hair removal should be more constant. And, if your skin is sensitive, it can cause redness or irritation.

Sugaring or sugar waxing

It is a natural hair removal, already practiced in ancient Egypt. It works like wax, since a paste is applied to the area to be waxed , which will be removed afterwards by pulling.

The paste is composed of a mixture of different sugars and water , and adheres to the hair, without taking the skin. It is a system recommended for women with sensitive skin.

It has a long-lasting effect, lasting up to 4 weeks, and can be economical if you decide to make the pasta yourself. But it will take longer to shave than with other methods and it hurts a little.

To be

The most recent and already tested by thousands of women. It is a hair removal that allows you to forget about body hair because it hardly appears. Eliminates hair and prevents its growth . If you have ingrown hairs, you will see how they disappear!

It is a little more expensive because you will have to pay a set of sessions, until the hair growth has been destroyed, but you can also see it as a saving in the future . And, later, you will have to do some review sessions again. Although, there is nothing better than being able to forget hair forever.

If you choose this method, you must ensure that the specialist has the necessary knowledge and that the place is a professional center, adapted for this practice.

It is preferable to start the sessions in autumn , so you can be ready for summer, since the sun should not impact the treated area during the days after each session. And, above all, it hydrates the skin very well in your day to day.

IPL or Pulsed Light Hair Removal

It is a system based on light energy impulses that prevent hair growth . Photoepilation weakens the hair and removes it from the roots, giving permanent results.

The IPL method takes more time, as quite a few sessions must be done. And it carries some risks, such as the appearance of burns or irritations.


Hair removal by electrolysis uses heat to pluck hair from the roots and is permanent. Very thin electrodes are used, which impact on the root and prevent hair growth.

It is a cheaper alternative than laser hair removal, but also more painful . Even a local anesthetic can be applied to avoid feeling so much discomfort. It is not a well-known method, but it is effective.

Waxing by abrasion or sandpaper

It consists of the use of a mitt composed of microcrystals of inorganic minerals. You must go through the desired area, making circular movements. Through friction, body hair is destroyed.

It is practical in the absence of time because it is simple, fast, inexpensive and painless. But the results are not so optimal, since the hair reappears in less than a week.


You may not know it because it is not as used here as in the eastern countries, but it has been practiced for years. It consists of the use of threads that act as tweezers to remove facial hair from the roots.

It is good because it is natural, it does not irritate the skin, it has quite long-lasting effects and it is inexpensive. The downside is that it can only be applied to small areas of the face.

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