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Watch out for the sun!

This summer, protect and rejuvenate your skin with three innovative sun treatments.


Summer is coming and the first thing we want is to wear brunettes. As inevitable as the bikini operation. But be careful, because the sun is a dangerous ally. Experts never tire of telling you. It damages, dries and ages the skin, and it is also a health risk. The good news is that innovation continues to advance and solar filters are becoming more effective every day. They help prevent photoaging of the skin and correct the signs of aging (tired skin, blemishes, wrinkles, etc.).

The Gisèle Denis sun care line , the expert brand in mature skin, offers you innovative formulas to care for and protect your skin before, during and after sunbathing. The Gisèle Denis solar line offers specific sunscreens for each phototype. And now, in addition, it expands its range with different formats that adjust to personal tastes and offer multiple benefits for the skin, helping you keep it younger and healthier.

Solar Ampoules

Two pioneering treatments to take advantage of all the benefits of the sun and at the same time help to maintain the tan and recover the skin from the aggressions of UV rays.

The SOLAR-ACTIVE ampoule has moisturizing properties and activators of tanning. It contains natural assets that provide a complete treatment prior to sun exposure, resulting in hydrated, tanned and smoother skin. And also you get a uniform tan in less time, reducing the harmful effects of the sun.

The After Sun SOLAR-AGE ampoule contains active ingredients with anti-aging and repairing properties. It is specially formulated to treat the effects of sun exposure on the skin thanks to its antioxidant and firming capacity.

Compact Facial Cream with SPF 50 color

A new facial line with color, made with UV-A and UV-B filters. The Compact-Cream format allows for easier application and provides a uniform tone and very high protection (SPF50) of a broad spectrum. This product is designed to protect from sun damage and hide skin blemishes.

Taking into account that each skin is different and tans at a different rate and intensity , this line of facial sunscreen with color adjusts to the needs of each skin, and offers you the most suitable tone for your phototype: light-medium tone for phototypes I and II and medium-dark tone for phototypes III and IV.

Immediate Bronzer

Gisèle Denis also expands its range of solar in invisible spray format . Quick and easy to apply, this Immediate Bronzer contains Carrot Extract, Vitamin E and Almond Oil, providing a light formula, with a non-greasy texture and quick drying. 

Now you know. Now with Gisèle Denis, experts in sun care, you can enjoy the sun without damaging your skin. Good summer!

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