Get fit in just 9 minutes with this method

Getting in shape is not difficult, it only requires perseverance and with 9 minutes a day it can be enough with this new training method. Find out what HIIT consists of!


Yes you can! Leave excuses, it will take you longer to find a fairly good one than to get down to work – and curves – to work. We tell you all about the method that will transform you in record time and without stepping on the gym! 

It does not matter if you are one of those who have just bought their first sneakers or if you are already part of the club who take care of themselves by sweating the shirt. Whatever your relationship with sports, you will surely pinch yourself as soon as you discover this accelerated training that will help you lose weight from your living room and, best of all, without having to juggle your tasks. ! It is called HIIT and is the acronym for High Intensity Interval Training , that is, high intensity interval training. But do not spread panic! Before you run, give yourself the opportunity to get your best version with this method that has been named by the American College of Sports Medicine as the2018 fitness trend .

Join the revolution

As much as you have proposed to give a fit key twist to your days, be realistic, if your neighbor runner 5 km every morning, good for her !, but do not accept the invitation to join her outings, remember that the last The time you ran it was because the bus was escaping you. Change the chip and bet on an activity like HIIT , which is not a big change for you and your beloved steaming agenda. Think about it, the day is 1,440 minutes, you really can not book nine to get fit a simple and fast way? “Lack of time is one of the great excuses when it comes to not practicing exercise,” admits the psychologist specialized in sports and health Patricia Ramírez, who has just presented her latest book If you went out to live … (Grijalbo). “For this reason, buying an activity that lasts a short time and can be done without leaving the house makes the challenge seem much easier,” says Ramírez, encouraging fear, laziness, procrastination, what they will say and other artists not invited to your fit party. How can you raise your hand if you’ve never thought of phrases like “it’s impossible for me to do a push-up”! The specialist’s ears tug: “When facing something new it is essentialchange our language . If we encourage negative messages, the brain prepares for failure, instead repeat something like ‘continued practice will help me improve my endurance’; You have to come up with constructive, positive and, above all, realistic concepts, it is useless to fool yourself with ‘it will be perfect on the first try’ ”. Now that we have carried out the mental exercise of breaking down self-imposed barriers with the psychologist, we are ready for action!

What is HIIT really?

“It is a training that alternates periods of intense work with recovery times”Explains Carlos Gustavo Rodríguez, a physiotherapist and HIIT expert at the Heat Fitness center, who has managed to get the actress Blanca Suárez herself to join the band of those who practice this sport. In the midst of an ode to immediacy society, in which we constantly have saber fights with the hands of the clock and we jump from commitment to commitment shouting to the four winds that “I’m going to be late”, we could summarize the success of HIIT with the Spanish maxim: “The good, if brief, twice good”. Against all odds, when looking for the origin of this revolutionary method, you do not have to travel to military bases or go to the latest fashionable gym among the celebrities of Venice Beach, although it may not seem like it, it has been fighting the calories for many years! “In 1850 it was already in use, but it was not popularized until the 1960s,


Standing with your legs hip-width apart, bend your knees as if you wanted to sit in an imaginary chair. The thighs must be parallel to the ground and the knees must not exceed the toes (for this, it carries the weight to the heels). Return to the starting position by reversing the movement. That’s a replay, do as many as you can for 30 seconds .

More demanding variant : perform a jump squat . When you get up from the squat, push yourself up and land, dampening the motion with your legs flexed. Recover 10 seconds.

Static stroke

Standing, start jogging without leaving your site . To maintain balance, fix your gaze on a static target and help yourself with the movement of your arms. Squeeze the abdomen, so you can get the trunk upright. You got it? Accelerates and increases intensity without losing coordination of the arms with the legs or throwing the chest forward. Hold 30 seconds.

More demanding variant : raise your knees as much as you can in skipping. Rest only the balls of your feet on the ground. The thigh of the knee you lift should be parallel to the ground. Recover 10 seconds.

Front stride

It gives a stride to the front with the right foot and bend your knees so that the right thigh is parallel to the floor and left knee almost touches the ground. Return to the starting position by pushing back with your right foot. Squeeze the abdomen throughout the performance and try to keep the trunk upright. That’s a replay, now put your left foot forward. Do it for 30 seconds.

More demanding variant : static strides with alternate jump . Bring your left foot forward, flex your knees, gain momentum, and jump up, changing the position of your legs. You must land in a stride with the right foot in front and the other behind. Recover 10 seconds.

High griddle

Stand in a flexed position with your arms stretched out . Squeeze your abdomen and make sure you don’t lower your hips or lift your butt (your body should draw a straight line from head to toe). Hold 30 seconds.

More demanding variant : make a plank with leg opening , that is, in the high plank position, jump with both feet at the same time separating them. Go back to another jump to join them. That is a repeat. Squeeze the abdomen and try not to move the trunk. Recover 10 seconds.


In the high plank position, flex your right knee bringing it to the elbow on the same side . Return to the starting position and repeat with the other knee. Squeeze the abdomen and try to make the trunk hardly move. Hold 30 seconds.

More demanding variant : play with speed while respecting technique . Make sure your shoulders are level with your hands and that you don’t curl your back as you increase the pace. Another variant for your abs is to cross the knee making it touch the opposite elbow, you choose! Recover 10 seconds.


In the plank position with forearm support, rotate the right knee outward and bring it closer to the elbow on the same side. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat with the left leg. Hold 30 seconds.

More demanding variant : instead of supporting the forearms, place yourself on a high plank. Bend your arms in flexion and lower your chest to the floor while trying to touch your elbow with your knee. Return to the starting position by reversing the movement and repeat with the other side. Recover 10 seconds.

Side plank

In the high plank position , carry the entire weight on your left hand and foot . Squeeze the abdomen and, if you can, point to the ceiling with your right hand. Hold 15 seconds (with or without arm lift) and change sides.

More demanding variant : if you are able to hold the iron by raising your hand, go to the next level and perform this sequence: raise your hand and, very slowly, lower your arm and, rotating your chest, put it through the hole created in your left armpit. That is a repeat. Recover 10 seconds.

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