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Women sports wear archives that can never go out of style

Right from Princess Diana to a college going girl no one has ever missed upon trying the wide variety of sports wear for women. Whether or not you are a fitness freak these outfits are a sure shot hit for your hot summer days. They are easy to wear and carry for anyone who wants to experiment with fashion or try some fun casual looks. It is a great misconception that the atheliesure wear cannot be worn out in public. Here are some sports wear for women that are must haves for you ladies. 

Printed Joggers:


Any type of Joggers are a great pick for your everyday look or comfortable leisure wear. They are not just a good combination with any of your gym wears but a good option for your outdoorsy activities. Another thing that contributes towards the popularity of joggers is the perfect fit it provides with the elastic grip on the bottom and on towards your along with your regular drawstrings. The funky print, colours and patterns makes it look very beautiful with any basic tshirt.

Hooded Tshirt:

Hooded Tshirt have become a comfortzone for most of us. It is no more just the popular sports wear for women but has become an integral part of their casual wardrobe. These types of tshirts are easy to wear with ay denims and keep you warm. The hooded tshirt is a noteworthy addition to an everyday outfit as it gives an overall cute and cool vibe. For college goer and young people these hoodies have become a staple for their daily looks.

Typographic Tshirt:

You get many types of sports wear for women but nothing tops the baggy typugraphic tshirts that is extremely comfortable to wear. Another thing that you must consider is the vast variety in these baggy tshirts because there are many unique designs that you will find in such types of tshirts. They are perfect for your workouts too as you get an added comfort and confidence with wearing a loose fitting 

Flared Track Pants:

With the vintage fashion  trends coming back this is a great fit. The loose fit makes it a good companion for your long outdoor walks and also for Yoga, With the baggy fitting pant you can simply wear a bralette that will give you an accentuated look. If you are looking for an clothing option that is more body hugging and elevates your physique. I would not suggest going for these type of pants you must instead go for the joggers. 


The capri pants are amazing for a basic gym look or even for a home workout. The fit of these type of sports wear for women is not so tight to fit on your body making it a great night wear. They were extremely popular a few years back with each and every one of us owning at least one pair of it. You get capri pants that vary with the length or size so you must select the one that suits your body type. 

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