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How are clear aligners more effective and reliable than traditional braces

A flawless smile can now be achieved with the use of clear aligners rather than traditional metal braces for teeth. As they are almost invisible, comfortable, and removable with also being aesthetic many people opt for aligners. In addition, clear aligners can also improve oral health while lowering the risk of dental issues.

toothsi, India’s leading clear aligner brand, offers at-home scans and smile makeovers to solve alignment issues such as teeth gaps, crowded teeth, overbite, and teeth misalignment. Combining cutting-edge technology along with our orthodontists’ experience of over 10 years has enabled them to revolutionize and digitize every aspect of smile correction, such as giving a virtual plan to show our customers how their teeth will be aligned over time, to enabling them to monitor their progress remotely, thus ensuring a comfortable at-home experience along with giving customers the confidence to smile freely.

The 4 orthodontists turned entrepreneurs launched makeOIndia’s leading clinical beauty platform backed by experts and driven by technology, where our brands toothsi and skinnsi are revolutionising the way Indians get smile makeovers and the skin they’ve always wanted. They’ve designed 1,50,000 (and still counting!) smiles and 44,000 Laser Hair Reduction sessions.


On top of all that, makeO is backed by:

  • India’s largest (20,000 sq ft) manufacturing facility is ISO-certified for high quality and credibility.
  • India’s first-ever robotic aligner trimming machine which ensures ultimate precision and comfort for your aligners.
  • Industrial-grade 3D SLA printers are used to curate aligners with perfection.
  • Triple-layer TPU polyurethane aligner sheets imported from the US, Germany, and South Korea are used to manufacture the aligners.
  • 100+ experienced orthodontists and dentists with over 10 years of experience to ensure the safety and proper monitoring of treatment.
  • Virtual monitoring via the makeO app by our expert orthodontists without worrying about stepping out of the house.
  • Hands-on customer service guides you every step of your journey with makeO.
  • Pan-India presence, so you can always get in touch with makeO via the at-home, impression kit, partner clinics, or experience centre services.

Let’s talk about the process of makeO now, shall we?

makeO clear aligners are customised to fit your teeth perfectly. They are created using an impression of the teeth which is captured with a 3D scan or an Impression kit. A small optical wand is used by makeO pros to scan the inside of a mouth and teeth to get a 3D impression of a smile. On the basis of these impressions, your age, dental health, and other factors the orthodontist creates a smile makeover plan. The plan gives information on the outcome and duration of the treatment. Next, the aligners will be designed and manufactured with a 3D printer. Depending on the treatment plan, the clear aligners have to be worn for a specific amount of hours per day. The teeth gradually reposition themselves during this time.

Cost of Clear Aligners

The cost of clear aligners varies depending on the severity of your misalignment. makeO offers two distinct pricing plans to choose from. The price is a one-time fee, which means you won’t have to pay any more fees for a retainer after you finish your treatment.

makeO teeth aligners are an innovative technique to straighten your teeth while also getting a beautiful smile. They are comfortable, easy to maintain, and almost invisible. With makeO clear aligners, you can enjoy an affordable treatment in a short amount of time. You can fix your smile from the comfort of your home by just visiting makeO to book your appointment.

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