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11 Benefits Of Ayurvedic Hot Oil Massage

11 Benefits Of Ayurvedic Hot Oil Massage

Ayurvedic medicine is all about treating the human body holistically. This system of medicine views the body, mind, and spirit as three interconnected components that work together for the human condition. There are many massage techniques used in Ayurvedic medicine. One of these techniques is the hot oil massage.

The act of manual massage itself releases stress and tension from the muscles. Ayurveda recommends the use of an ayurvedic oil massage to your morning or nightly routine for the purpose of improving self-care. Health advantages from applying a daily oil massage to your morning and nightly routine include: it improves metabolism, eases headaches, reduces pain and stiffness, improves circulation, stimulates endocrine activity, and enhances cellular regeneration. In addition, it helps eliminate toxins. According to Ayurvedic health information, the use of ayurvedic oil massage can also improve the performance of the immune system.

Three of the primary components of Ayurvedic oil blends for the treatment of various conditions are: sesame (containing Sesamoidas Sesame) oil base, geranium leaves, and lemon juice. The sesame oil base is considered mildly astringent, which explains why many people use it as a soothing agent. According to Ayurvedic practitioners, it has good calming and soothing properties. In addition, sesame oil bases are beneficial because they reduce inflammation of muscles, relieve congestion, and treat headaches.

Lemon juice is also beneficial, because it is a highly effective astringent and cleanser. It contains high levels of citric acid, which has the ability to eliminate toxins, and draw toxins out of the blood. One of the most beneficial effects of lemon juice is its ability to act as an antiseptic against bacteria. According to Ayurvedic medicine, one of the best benefits of herbal medicines is their ability to act as natural antibiotics. Ayurvedic herbal oils in combination with herbal medicines and herbs such as ghee (greater quantity than coconut oil), neem oil, and black pepper (more potent than ginger) are effective in killing bacteria and viruses.

One of the benefits of this type of massage is that it relaxes and energizes the entire body. Two of the main ingredients in Ayurvedic herbal medicines, namely: Jatamamsi oil and Suvarna-Malini-Vasant oil, stimulate the body’s nervous system. They also contain vitamins (such as vitamin A, E, and K), which strengthen the immunity system. It is important to combine herbal remedies with exercises for better digestion and absorption of nutrients in the diet. For instance, digestive juices and teas help in proper absorption of nutrients by the body.

In Ayurvedic medicine, there are seven chakras or centers along which circulation and energy flow throughout the body. The primary chakra is known as the” Throat Chakra,” which controls the functioning of the voice box and resonates with the center called the “arynx.” Another center, called the “throat spring,” is located between the eyebrows and indicates the connection between the head and neck. The “abases” or center located between the eyes controls the functioning of the eyes and its vital energy; while the “ribs” or center is located below the eyes indicates the connection between the heart, lungs, and all other parts of the body.

When you receive a full-body or self-massage, these centers are activated and produce more energy and resonance within your body. During or after the treatment, you may feel a tingling sensation in the scalp area, known as ahetamadi. This sensation is the result of the increased blood flow to the skin and can last from several minutes to hours. Other benefits of this ancient ayurvedic therapy include improving your memory, relieving stress, promoting dandruff removal, healing sunburn, decreasing inflammation, nourishing the skin, strengthening the teeth, and loosening up the muscles of your face and body.

If you have had a previous treatment of Ayurvedic medicine, such as acupuncture, then you already know how relaxing and soothing these treatments are. But if you are new to this type of treatment, then you might not be aware of the many benefits that this ancient practice of Ayurveda provides. You will first need to experience these wonderful health benefits to fully understand them. As they pertain to you, they will be more powerful and noticeable because of the deep, peaceful sleep that you get through these treatments.


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