The 4 natural treatments to relieve the fatigue of your eyes

Chamomile, cucumber, carrot or cold milk, among the most outstanding natural products to reduce eye fatigue. Discover how to apply them so that your eyesight improves.


With the arrival of the new year the purposes overlap. Taking care of the body, food, skin, quitting smoking … and a long list of promises that, sometimes, become blind demands. However, there are things that do not change as we enter a new year and to which we must pay attention every day. In this case we refer to the view, the one that accompanies us wherever we go, even more so in an era marked by the excessive use of screens. In fact, there is already  Computer Visual Syndrome  (SVI), a temporary condition that arises from focusing the eyes on a computer screen for prolonged and uninterrupted periods of time.

Hours and hours of work in front of the computer, added to the use of mobile devices can have consequences on our visual health . Symptoms ranging from blurred vision, eye fatigue, dry, irritated or red eyes, plus headache. However, to alleviate that eye irritation and the fatigue that accumulates throughout the day in our eyes, there are many natural remedies . Yes, without the need for chemicals. Much easier than you think. You just need time. Firstly, to detect how your eyesight is and, secondly, to remedy the possible affections that arise after exposure to bright and intense light, moving air flow or environmental pollution.

Chamomile , cucumber , carrot or cold milk . Four products, simple and natural. Easy to keep, even more to get them. With them and a constant and careful application, you will be able to notice how, little by little, your eyesight is improving. Here you will find the keys, so that, through these 4 natural treatments you can relieve the fatigue of your eyes.

Aloe Vera and Cucumber Remedy

The cucumber is known for its anti – inflammatory power . This cucumber and aloe vera based treatment, with which you will reduce the fatigue of your eyes, can be applied in two ways. Or, directly on the eyes, cutting small cucumber slices well washed on the eyelids and remaining with them for a few minutes or, also as a cream.

With this natural cream you can deflate the contour of the eyes and eyelids. The aloe vera has properties  anti – inflammatory, healing and refreshing . For this natural balm you will need: 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel (15 g) and 1 tablespoon of fresh cucumber juice (10 ml). Pour the ingredients in a bowl, place them over low heat until they boil, let them rest until they are at a temperature suitable for your skin and, finally, apply them to the contour of the eyes and eyelids. You can also use it several times a week.

Chamomile with anti-inflammatory effect

The manzanilla is also one of the classic natural elements in eye care. This plant has a perfect anti-inflammatory effect to relieve symptoms such as tired eyes, conjunctivitis or styes.

For its preparation you will need: 1 tablespoon of chamomile flowers (10 g) and ½ cup of water (125 ml). In its process, boil half a cup of water, add the chamomile flowers and let it rest until it reaches a suitable temperature. When it is ready you will only have to immerse a few pieces of cotton in the liquid that has been generated and apply it to the eyelids with a light massage. You can do this treatment every day and even several times in the same day to improve the possible conditions that your eyes suffer during the routine.

Cold milk treatment for tired eyes

Although cold milk may not be able to completely reduce dark circles and bags that form when the eyes are tired, what is true is that the application of cold milk on the eyelids helps to deflate the eyes.

In this case you will only need ½ cup of cold milk (125 ml). Insert two pieces of cotton into it and apply them to the eyelids for about 5 minutes. You can repeat this process about twice a day.

Carrot with repairing effect

Yes, indeed, carrot can also help us to take care of the health of our eyes . This vegetable, rich in carotenes, has a repairing effect, which combined with the anti-inflammatory properties  that parsley and celery also provide, serve to make a relaxing treatment for tired eyes and the optic nerve.

Prepare a natural remedy by chopping one or two carrots together with a piece of celery and water until you get a paste. Then insert a piece of cotton into it and apply it to the eyelids and eye contour for 5 minutes. When finished, rinse your eyes with cold water and relax your eyes.

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