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Famous Indian lottery winners

Although many Indians like betting, the online lottery market is still limited in the country. Technological advancement, however, is changing the lottery landscape as more online companies are establishing their business in the country. In the past, many Indians have played the lottery and won jackpots. The Indian lottery winners are either staying in the country or residing elsewhere. In case you don’t know some of the famous lottery winners, keep reading to find them in this blog.

RP Manoharan


This man is famous for winning lottery jackpots thrice in his life. Many people may find his winning peculiar, as many people have tried many times without success. Mr. RP Manoharan tried his first luck in 2016 and won a jackpot prize of Rs 65 lakh. In the subsequent year, he played and won two jackpot valued at Rs 70 Lakh. Although many people associate winning in a lottery as sheer luck, Manoharan said that his winning came about as a result of consistency.

Laarni Bibal

Ms. Laarni Bibal is an Indian staying in the US. She won a lottery jackpot worth $522 million in 2019. Although this was a vast amount to win, she remained composed and took the time to receive it. Her win demonstrates how Indians are determined to try their luck in the lottery even when they are staying in the diaspora.

Mohammad Fayaz 

The young accountant from Karnataka, India, won a jackpot lottery in 2019 worth Rs 23 crore. Mr. Fayaz bought the lottery ticket from the Big Ticket, which is based in UAE. Surprisingly, the winner had a dream that he would win the previous night.

Dsreenu Seeedharan Nair

He also hit a big jackpot by winning Rs 28 in 2019 together with his 21 friends. Although he was to share the lottery amount with his friends, still the amount was humongous. It was difficult for Dsreenu to accept the big win at first and sometimes took to come to terms with reality. Like Dsreenu, you can play lottery in India at Lottoland and win big money.

Mojiful Sheikh

Surprisingly, many people who have won jackpots are big-hearted. The story of Mojiful starts with a young man aged 22 who was struggling to feed his family. Working with a construction site, Mojiful earned peanuts that could hardly sustain him.

In spite of his situation, he never ceased to be big-hearted. At some point, he decided to buy a lottery ticket from a vendor with the aim of sharing his kindness with the dealer. The ticket, however, turned his fortune as he won the jackpot amount totaling to $150,000.

Krishna Baari

Krishna is based in the US and won a lottery jackpot worth $14.5 million. Because he comes from a humble background, he aims to establish an educational fund that can at least assist in educating 100 children from the background. He also wants to apply part of his prize to buy a house for his family and educate his kids.


Many bettors have tried their luck in the lottery and won. The above inspirational stories encourage you to buy a lottery ticket and try your luck.

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