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3 Flowers That Suit Every Wedding Theme

3 Flowers That Suit Every Wedding Theme

When planning your wedding, you have to decide what flowers are for your ceremony, reception and even the decorations. You have to choose what the colors of your flowers will be and how they will look when hung outdoors. The best way to decide what flowers to suit each wedding theme is to research what types of flowers are available for those themes. Then you just need to find flowers that go with those themes in color and style.

Romance is one of the most popular wedding themes right now. Most brides choose to wear white dresses with romantic accents on them. With this type of wedding you want to use a wide variety of peonies, daisies, garden roses, sunflowers and calla lilies. These are just some examples of flowers that would be perfect for a bride to wear for her wedding.

If you want to have a garden wedding then your bridal bouquet would consist of a selection of roses, daisies and sunflowers. The bride can accent the bouquet with a scattering of white or off-white carnations. The bouquet could be topped off with some sunflowers for a soothing effect. A combination of these flowers would also look stunning. For an outdoor garden wedding the flowers do not have to be live.

A garden wedding can be held in the spring or summer. The flowers used for this type of occasion range from roses, sunflowers and calla lilies to sunflowers, peonies and garden roses. They can be placed on a table as the bridal bouquet, arranged on the aisle or placed in vases along the aisles. They are perfect for any area that receives sunlight throughout the day.

Springtime flowers are used for weddings that are held outdoors, mainly on a lawn. They can compliment any wedding theme, whether it’s romantic natural or elegant. The flowers are ideal for complementing the theme but can also act as a focal point if placed beside a tree or against a wall. Summer flowers are ideal for an outdoor reception in the garden, where they can be used to create an outdoor feel. Spring flowers like daffodils, lilies, daisies, sunflowers, tulips, sunflowers and honeysuckle are perfect for this type of wedding.

In the winter months, flowers like mums and daisies can be used to create a wonderful fall wedding. Fall flowers can be used as the focal point in the centerpieces, arrangements or bouquets. There are many different arrangements which work well in the winter months. These include using roses, sunflowers, gardenias, calla lilies, freesias, hydrangeas, sweet peas, acacia leaves and pine cones.

If you want to get more specific, you could use wild flower species to create your own unique floral arrangements. You could incorporate various kinds of berries, such as cranberries, pecans, prunes, blueberries and even cherries. Try mixing different textures, such as seashells, leaf petals, ferns and seashells. There are so many varieties of flowers that suit every wedding but have unique ways of creating floral arrangements to match your theme.

Wedding flower shops usually have a wide range of arrangements to suit most types of theme weddings. You’ll often find them displayed in a floral arrangement set which will enable you to see them all side by side. It’s a great idea to take a picture of your wedding dress, venue and flower combination and get hold of some flower images to display in your floral arrangements. Not only does this allow you to have a visual reference, but you’ll also be able to see how they compare with each other. Take your time selecting the flowers for your wedding, it doesn’t matter if you’re going for a formal wedding or a beach wedding; you can find the perfect flowers to complement your theme and make your big day special.

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